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N.O.W. Wardrobe- Daniele Lago, 2007


A patented product for bedrooms, children’s rooms, studies and laundry rooms

An infinitely customisable wardrobe

The N.O.W. Wardrobe (Not Only White) is a flexible, versatile, modular system that adapts to the personality of the home owner, room size and practical necessities.

It is a colourful wardrobe where traditional doors step aside for

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A patented product for bedrooms, children’s rooms, studies and laundry rooms

An infinitely customisable wardrobe

The N.O.W. Wardrobe (Not Only White) is a flexible, versatile, modular system that adapts to the personality of the home owner, room size and practical necessities.

It is a colourful wardrobe where traditional doors step aside for panels of various dimensions that can be customised in size and colour and can interact with the pattern of the floor and walls.

It is not just a modular system, but rather a product that can be custom designed to suit anyone’s desires: the height, width and depth are all customisable, as are the interior accessories and colours.

Thanks to an innovative use of colour, the absence of handles and customisable sides that can blend in with the room, the wardrobe can disappear and integrate perfectly with the rest of the home, hiding itself among the walls, or instead it can stand out in bright, decisive hues.

The glass panels can even be applied on the back of the wardrobe. This way, the N.O.W. Wardrobe can also be used as a dividing wall or be set in the centre of the room.


Available versions: 

N.O.W. wardrobe

The N.O.W. Wardrobe with glass doors can be designed to measure and offers a peerless degree of customisation, thanks to the colourful glass bands, which also lend movement to the room. A handle-free wardrobe with an essential design, it opens easily with just a bit of light pressure, thanks to the patented N.O.W opening system.

N.O.W. Smart Wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe for children’s rooms, since it has practical, glass-free doors that can be lacquered in any of the 32 LAGO colours. The coloured panels create plays of rhythm and colour, livening up areas dedicated to the littlest ones. Customisable down to the millimetre, the N.O.W. Smart Wardrobe is available with the Lago handle in three sizes.

N.O.W. Weightless Wardrobe

The suspended N.O.W wardrobe. With the N.O.W. Weightless Wardrobe, LAGO is again challenging the force of gravity with a suspended wardrobe that lets you play with volumes and create new architectures in space. This design wardrobe is perfect for modern master bedrooms, but also children’s rooms, where it can serve as a storage solution above other furniture, like beds and desks. For a more harmonious design, the back of the columns is finished with either lacquered or glass panels that can match the bands of the lacquer or glass doors. As with the other N.O.W. wardrobes, you can choose the colours for the different bands from the LAGO colour range.

N.O.W. Fusion Wardrobe

Fusion is a N.O.W. Wardrobe where everything melds together: colours, materials, glass and lacquer. With this wardrobe, you can unleash your imagination, creating chromatic and tactile pairings or contrasts in an infinity of compositional possibilities.

N.O.W. Line Wardrobe

In the Line version of the N.O.W. Wardrobe, the gaps between the panels are coloured, becoming a graphic mark that can continue in the gaps of N.O.W. Flooring and N.O.W. Line Wallpaper.  This creates a play of lines in your living space.

N.O.W. Diamond Wardrobe

N.O.W. Diamond innovates the design of the classic wardrobe with a sliding door. The outer panels of the doors are tilted toward the interior, creating a diamond shape that lends elegance and refinement to the wardrobe. The perfection of the 4-millimetre-thick glass and communicative power of colour create a perfect solid without equal in traditional conceptions of containing volumes for bedrooms.

Sliding N.O.W. Wardrobe

Configurable and customisable like all of the N.O.W. wardrobes, this LAGO sliding door wardrobe is perfect for small apartments and studios, as well as any room where available space is limited. The wardrobe’s sliding mechanism is fluid and silent.


Strong points




Push-pull opening mechanism

The elegance of a handle-free wardrobe does not stop it from being practical. The push-pull opening mechanism lets you open the door of the N.O.W. Wardrobe with a simple push of the hand. This light pressure triggers a little piston that makes the door jump forward, making it easy to grab.

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Customisable down to the centimetre

The modular panels, measuring between 21 and 115 cm with multiple intermediate widths, can be combined to create design solutions customised to the centimetre in terms of size and colour mood: you can even choose a different colour for each of the panels.

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Colour, colour, colour

The N.O.W. Wardrobe is defined by its innovative use of colour. Juxtaposing the 32 LAGO colours, you can create countless colour combinations, as well as enjoy a highly customised finish for every panel.

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A sliding door

A light touch of the hand is all that is needed to activate the silent mechanism that opens the sliding doors. A fluid, elegant gesture that reveals the technological care dedicated to the product’s design and lets you make the most out of your living space, avoiding the bulkiness of shutter-style doors.

N.O.W. Opening Mechanism

A patented LAGO opening mechanism, that makes use of harmonic steel. With little pressure from the hand, one of the doors opens inward, letting you take hold of the other door and open the wardrobe. Tests carried out at CATAS guarantee that the mechanism will work up to 50,000 times.

The advantages of glass

The glass sheets of the N.O.W. Wardrobe give depth to the colour and create a uniform surface that is very easy to clean.

Safe for children

The absence of handles makes the N.O.W. Wardrobe much safer for children, who find no handholds and household accidents are thus avoided.

Perfect for the laundry room

The N.O.W. Wardrobe is the perfect solution for the laundry room: it is very spacious and has lots of room for storing appliances and other things for household cleaning. You can even set up a washing machine inside it.

In the office it becomes file storage

A colourful, elegant wardrobe that can be used for file storage in your study or office. It combines lots of storage space with the capacity for blending into the background.


Colour moods

The LAGO colour moods help bring your room to life. Just choose your favourite colour combination and apply it to the panels of the N.O.W. Wardrobe.

The LAGO catalogues are filled with design ideas and solutions that you can use to get inspired and express yourself, giving a soul to your own home.


A handle-free wardrobe

The bold decision to design the wardrobe without handles led to the development of an innovative system for opening the doors. Handle-free, the N.O.W. Wardrobe, and especially in the single-colour version, can really blend in with your walls. Alternatively, you can also choose colour moods that harmonise or contrast with the setting.

A wardrobe made of coloured glass

For the N.O.W. Wardrobe, just like the 36e8 system, glass is attached to the doors to give the colour depth and lend a touch of elegance to the room.


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